Services of our tax department



I. National tax consultancy

We develop and design individualised tax structures to optimize the tax situation for firms and individuals

  • We assure necessary support to execute the tax planning structures with regard to the subject and the persons involved
  • Preparation of monthly accounts in local and foreign currency, value added tax returns, cost accounting on basis of cost calculation system, monthly payroll, monthly reporting with relevant comments and analysis as well as personal meetings upon request
  • We also develop strategies to prevent from being forced to announce insolvency for firms, companies or individuals. However, we consult also individuals or companies if insolvency procedures have already started
  • Tax and management consultancy services in connection with the liquidation of enterprises, succession and testament
  • We appeal the tax assessment notices and apply not to execute the tax assessment.
  • Preparation, support and negotiation of tax audits performed by the tax office respectively social security
  • We represent individuals, firms or companies at the tax court or supreme tax court
  • Support and assistance in connection with tax evasion

II. International tax consultancy


  • Consultancy and take care of foreigns permanent establishments, branch offices and subsidiaries in connection with PrimeGlobal.
  • Consultancy and take care of German permanent establishments, branch offices of foreign head offices and German subsidiaries of foreign parent companies
  • Tax consultancy in connection with the double tax treaties or the German foreign exchange control law
  • Management consultancy, strategical consultancy identifying and focussing the major cometences to assure the successful going concern of the company
  • Analysis of current status of companies in relevant situations and concerning various branches, divisions, functions and centres of activities of an enterprise.
  • Preparation of a rating expertixe according to BASEL II directive
  • Support in connection with the preparation of the business plan and the annual budget
  • Consulting referring to investment and financing
  • Audit of financial statements
  • Consulting considering sale and purchase of companies (due diligence)
  • Evaluation of companies respectively shares of a company
  • Negotiations with creditors to mitigate an over-indebtedness situation, preferably in cooperation with a lawyer
  • Development of controlling systems and procedures to survey the company
  • Consulting in connection with going public of a company
  • Support considering the acquisition of equity, loans or mezzanine financing
  • Planning of private property
  • Planning of the individuals' private property
  • Planning of the private property growth, also under tax aspects
  • Consulting to write off individuals' debts, preferably in cooperation with a lawyer
  • other services:

Our clients may expect a monthly information letter free of charge which is easy to follow up and which contains the brand new economical and tax information.