About us



The tax and accounting firm CDH Treutax Wirtschaftsberatungs- und Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH is located in the commercial city centre of Dietzenbach, i.e. approx. 10 kilometers to Frankfurt city. It takes you 20 minutes by car from Frankfurt International Airport and 15 minutes by car from the highway exit Frankfurt Sd (south).

The principal competences are:

  • to develop tax structures
  • to optimize the business and tax situation
  • tax consultancy services in connection with the preparation of tax returns
  • tax consultancy services in connection with the execution of the clients' tax position
  • business management services which focus the strategic management consultancy

We consult and assist small and medium sized firms, partnerships, limited liability companies as well as their partners and shareholders.

A certain number of these firms and companies maintain cross border transactions or have foreign investments.

The tax consultancy work and the take care of subsidiaries and branch offices in Europe or in the United States is supported through the cooperation with international organizations.

We consult and take care of permanent establishments and subsidiaries of foreign head offices and parent companies.

We are convinced that supreme tax services and business consultancy should focus the clients' objectives and their individual business and tax sitation.

First of all the clients' objectives are to develop individual tax planning conceptions according to the relevant status of the tax law.

We also support the execution of the planning structure and concepts and qualify to which percentage and amount the objectives were met.

We anlayse any essential deficiencies from the objectives and consider the adjustments and implement action to the tax planning strategy.

When developing an individual tax structure for a client, we cooperate with other tax consultants on an interprofessional basis, lawyers, management consultants, financial analysts or personal property and welfare consultants.

A qualified tax conception and management consultancy concept should be a total service concept considering the interdisciplinary sciences and other expert know-hows.

The standard tax services covering the monthly preparation of financial accounts, payroll, financial statements and tax returns are prepared based on the actual edp programmes of DATEV e.G. Nuremberg.

The edp of DATEV, a leading software house for tax consultants' software solutions, takes care of the current up-dates and also offers us specialisation as to certain branches and applications.

In our tax declaration department we monitor that reports on financial statements are not issued as a boneyard of numbers but comment the important information briefly and understandable.

Based on our approach and the efficiency of our services we have a good reputation not only with our clients but also at chambers, business and professional associations and institutes, banks and administrative authorities.

The connections vice versa and the long term contacts are of good use to achieve the clients' interest.

In the tax department we also take care and negotiate tax audits performed by the tax office for our clients.

We comment and oppose against tax audit reports. We appeal tax assessment notices and file law suits at the tax courts or supreme tax court if necessary.

We negotiate with the tax executory office and apply to postpone the execution assignments with the tax authorities.

We also represent clients vis--vis the tax authorities in case of tax evasion and take care in connection with procedures performed by the tax authorities concerning fraud in connection with investment grants.